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Unlock your financial elegance with the Financially Fabulous Coaching Program
Hosted by Christyne Gray


It's time to take your boutique business

to the next level.

Welcome to a journey where financial empowerment meets elegance. Within the Financially Fabulous Coaching Program, we believe that your relationship with money should be as chic and confident as your style. It's not just about numbers; it's about embracing a mindset that turns financial challenges into opportunities for growth.

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Imagine a financial transformation...

Close your eyes and envision a future where financial stress is replaced with financial confidence. Picture yourself making decisions that align with your goals effortlessly.
That's the Financially Fabulous promise- a transformation that goes beyond spreadsheets and embraces the elegance of financial success.


Your Financial Journey Begins Here...

Our coaching program is not just about numbers on financial statements and point of sale reports; it's about your financial story. It's about crafting a narrative where your money works for you, where your revenue planning is strategic, your inventory is a curated masterpiece, and your profits flow seamlessly.

Here is Why You'll Love Us

Spreadsheets and tools created specifically for the retail entrepreneur.

Say goodbye to generic solutions. Our spreadsheets and tools are crafted with the retail entrepreneur in mind. Tailored to the unique needs of your industry, these resources simplify your financial navigation, giving you more time to focus on what your do best-nurturing your business.

Simple financial language that just makes sense.

No jargon, no confusion. We speak your language. Our commitment is to demystify financial complexities with simple, straightforward language that resonates with you. Understand your finances with ease, making informed decisions that drive your business forward.

An accountability structure and schedule that sets you up for success.

Success thrives on accountability. We provide a structured and realistic accountability system. Our tailored schedule ensures that you stay on track with your financial goals. No overwhelming tasks, just a roadmap for success that fits seamlessly into your entrepreneurial journey.

On-demand video support.

Need help? Our on-demand video support is here for you. Access guidance whenever you need it, right at your fingertips. From tutorials to insights, our video support ensures that you're never alone on your financial journey. Convenience meets expertise, empowering you to conquer any financial challenge.

A Message from Christyne:

Ann Marie -Boutique Owner

"This coaching program is a gem! Overall, the support is like having a personal financial consultant whenever I need it. It's the extra push I didn't know I needed to elevate my boutique's financial game."

Megan K- Boutique Owner

"I can't thank Christyne enough for creating tools that are perfect for retail startups. The spreadsheets are user-friendly, and the program's approach has given me the confidence to navigate the financial side of my business successfully."

Joann D- Boutique Owner

"Christyne's program transformed my mindset and, consequently, my business. The tools provided are tailored for boutiques, making financial management a breeze. I never thought I'd say this, but I now genuinely enjoy working on my business finances!"
Unleash your Money Mindset

Dive into a journey of self-discovery, exploring and transforming the beliefs and emotions that shape your financial decisions. Let go of limiting beliefs and step into a mindset of abundance and empowerment.
Master Inventory Planning and Budgeting

Turn inventory planning and management into an art form. Discover how to curate a collection that not only dazzles your customers but also optimizes your buying budget, ensuring every dollar spent contributes to your bottom line.
Map Your Revenue Logically and Realistically.

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to a strategic revenue roadmap. Learn how to set logical and achievable revenue goals that align with your current sales potential, ensuring sustainable inventory buying and expense decisions, as well as debt free growth for your business.
Craft Your Profit and Cash Flow Plan

Navigate the financial landscape with confidence. Develop a profit and cash flow plan that not only anticipates challenges but also positions your business for continuous prosperity.

Your journey towards financial fabulousness begins now.

Embrace the elegance of financial success and join a community that believes your financial dreams are not just achievable – they're a non-negotiable part of your future.

Are you ready to transform your financial story? Let's embark on this journey together.

Focus Forward Virtual Live Retreats

Join us for our transformative 2 Day Focus Forward Virtual Live Retreat, a quarterly event designed to propel your business into a financially fabulous future. In this immersive experience, you'll map out your financial trajectory for the next 12 months, guided by Christyne Gray. Gain clarity, set achievable goals, and craft a strategic plan that aligns with your unique business vision and goals. It's more than a retreat; it's a catalyst for financial empowerment.

Monthly Group Accountability Calls

Our monthly group calls are your lifeline to ongoing success. Join a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs as we come together to discuss progress, share insights, and address challenges. These sessions provide the accountability and camaraderie you need to stay focused on your financial goals. Your journey to financial fabulousness doesn't happen in isolation; it's a shared experience with a community dedicated to growth in profitability.

Go beyond Live Coaching Sessions

Elevate your financial mastery with our Go Beyond live coaching sessions. Each month, dive deep into advanced topics that enhance your financial acumen. With coaching topics such as financial operations effectiveness, market preparedness, employee benefit and incentive planning, debt reduction, contract negotiations, investments and tax strategies, these sessions offer in-depth insights and practical strategies to level up your financial game. It's your opportunity to go beyond the basics and refine your financial strategy for sustained success.

Your journey, Your Success.

This coaching program goes beyond traditional methods. It's a guided journey where each touchpoint is designed to provide the guidance, transformation, and impact you need to achieve financial mastery. 

Join us on this extraordinary adventure, where your success is not just a destination but an ongoing evolution towards financial fabulousness.

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"I've been in retail for years, and this coaching program surprised me with its effectiveness. The accountability structure made me realize how much more I could achieve with a focused approach to my business's financial health. Highly recommended!"

Mary Sue O. - Retail Veteran

This is for you if:


You're an entrepreneur with a vision.

If you're a visionary entrepreneur in the boutique retail & beauty industry, seeking not just financial success but financial elegance, this program is designed for you.


You're passionate about growth.

If you have a deep passion for growing your business sustainably and strategically, and you're ready to invest time and effort into your financial empowerment journey, this is your next step.


You're open to a financial mindset shift.

If you're open to transforming your money mindset, letting go of limiting beliefs, and embracing a mindset of abundance, this coaching program will guide you through the process.


You're ready to take control.

If you're ready to take control of your revenue, inventory, and profits, and you understand the importance of logical and realistic financial planning, this program aligns with your ambitions.


You're eager to join a supportive community.

If you value community and want to join like-minded entrepreneurs on a shared journey to financial fabulousness, this program offers a supportive and empowering environment.

Remember, choosing the right program is about finding the best fit for your aspirations and commitment level. If you see yourself in the "This is for You" points, we can't wait to welcome you into the Financially Fabulous community!

This is NOT for you if:


You're looking for quick fixes.

If you're seeking overnight success or quick fixes without a commitment to long-term financial growth, this program might not align with your expectations.


You're not open to mindset shifts.

If you're resistant to exploring and shifting your money mindset, and you prefer to stick to familiar patterns, this coaching program may not be the right fit.


You're not committed to business growth.

If your primary focus is not on sustainable business profitability growth, and you're not willing to invest time and effort into strategic planning, this program may not suit your goals.


You're avoiding financial responsibility.

If you're not ready to take full responsibility for your financial decisions and prefer to defer or delegate financial management without active involvement, this may not be the program for you.


You're not interested in financially focused community engagement.

If you prefer working in isolation and are not interested in engaging with a community of financially focused fellow entrepreneurs, the collaborative spirit of this program may not resonate with you.

The Power and Importance of our
Focus Forward Retreat

Here's what will happen when you sign up for our Professional Services



Cultivate Your Financial Mindset

Dive into the foundational coaching that unlocks the power of your financial mindset. Focus #1 is all about cultivating a mindset that not only attracts abundance but sets the tone for your entire Financially Fabulous journey. Let's break free from limiting beliefs and welcome a mindset that empowers your every financial move.

Strategic Reflection

Unveiling Insights from Your Business History.  Within your #2 Focus, we'll journey into your business's past to uncover valuable insights. By meticulously examining sales and inventory metrics, we'll discern what strategies have led to success and identify areas for improvement. This reflective process is the cornerstone of informed decision-making, empowering you to amplify what's working and strategically pivot from what isn't. Gain a deep understanding of your business's historical performance to steer confidently towards future financial triumphs.


Your Revenue Roadmap

Get ready for a practical journey within Focus #3, where we map out your revenue strategy. This isn’t just about setting goals; it’s about creating a clear and achievable roadmap tailored to your unique revenue potential. Let's navigate the world of logical revenue mapping together, knowing this is the very first step to meticulously planning out your future inventory purchases, profit and cash flow.


Mastering Inventory Wisdom

Master the art of inventory planning with practical brilliance within focus #4. It's not just about having an inventory plan and open to buy; it's about creating a curated collection that resonates with your audience. Let's dive into the essentials of inventory planning and budgeting, ensuring that every inventory decision aligns with your profitability goals, AND the essence of your brand.


Profit and Cash Flow Craftsmanship

Craft your financial success with Focus #5, where we explore the delicate balance of profit and cash flow. It's not just about planning; it's about crafting a strategy that anticipates challenges and positions your business for continuous prosperity. Say goodbye to financial uncertainty and hello to a future where profit is not just a goal, but a lifestyle.


Community Connection

Focus #6 isn’t just about you; it's about the vibrant community awaiting you. Immerse yourself in the Financially Fabulous community experience, where like-minded entrepreneurs come together. Connect, share insights, and celebrate every step of your financial journey. Focus #6 is the heart of a community that believes in your success and cheers you on every step of the way.

Ready to transform your financial journey?

Congratulations on taking the first step towards financial empowerment and success. The Financially Fabulous coaching program is not just a program; it's your passport to a financially sophisticated and thriving business.

Imagine a future where you make confident financial decisions effortlessly, where profit is not just a goal but a lifestyle. This is not just a dream—it's your reality waiting to unfold.

Don't let this opportunity slip away. Join us on this transformative journey today.

Click below to secure your spot and start your Financially Fabulous adventure now.

About Your Mentor: Christyne Gray

Welcome to a world where financial wisdom meets style, and business success becomes a masterpiece of financial craftsmanship. 

I'm Christyne Gray, your guide on this transformative journey toward financial fabulousness.

With over 25 years of empowering high-achieving women in the fashion and  beauty industries, I bring a unique blend of financial acumen and creative flair to the table. As the CEO and Founder of She Profits Now, I've made it my life’s mission to unravel the mysteries of finance, turning it into a realm where elegance and profitability dance in harmony.


Why trust Christyne as your mentor?

Expertise in Your Industry

I'm not just a coach; I'm a seasoned entrepreneur and a degreed accountant specializing in retail. I've been in the trenches, understanding the intricacies and unique challenges faced by businesses like yours.

Multi-Faceted Approach

As a certified Profit First Coach, tax specialist, and inventory planning expert, I don't just focus on numbers. I guide you through a holistic journey where mindset, strategy, and financial wisdom intertwine for a truly transformative experience.

Proven Success

My coaching programs have propelled entrepreneurs to 7-figure revenues and sustainable profitability. Together, we've navigated the complexities of finance, paving the way for goal-setting profits and a sustainable business foundation.

Passionate Advocate for Your Success

Your success is my success. I'm not just a mentor; I'm a passionate advocate for every entrepreneur I work with. Your financial journey isn't just a course; it's a partnership where we embark on the path to financial fabulousness together.

Fashion Store Clerk

Embark on this journey, and let's transform your business into a beacon of financial fabulousness. Welcome to a world where financial wisdom is not just a strategy, it's a lifestyle.

What can you expect from our journey together?

Mindset Transformation

We'll break free from limiting beliefs, fostering a mindset that attracts abundance and sets the tone for your financial journey.

Strategic Reflection

Unveiling insights from your business history, we'll discern what strategies led to success and identify areas for improvement.

Revenue Roadmap Crafting

Together, we'll create a clear and achievable roadmap tailored to your unique revenue potential, setting the stage for future success.

Inventory Mastery

Dive into the art of inventory planning, ensuring every product aligns with profitability goals and the essence of your brand.

Profit and Cash Flow Craftsmanship

We'll balance profit and cash flow with precision, anticipating challenges and positioning your business for continuous prosperity.

Community Connection

Immerse yourself in a vibrant community where like-minded entrepreneurs celebrate every step of your financial journey.

We are proud to boast that our Financially Fabulous program is high touch and impact focused.

The Financially Fabulous Coaching Program is a transformative journey, where high-touch guidance, interactive experiences, and unwavering accountability converge to redefine your financial trajectory.

Guidance. Transformation. Impact.
Focus Forward Live Retreats

Guidance: Immerse yourself in our 2-Day Virtual Live Retreats, expertly crafted to provide laser-focused guidance. Unpack your financial landscape, set goals, and map out a strategic 12-month plan.

Transformation: Experience a profound transformation as you gain clarity, identify profit growth opportunities, and align your business with financial success.

Impact: Witness the immediate impact as you leave each retreat with a tangible roadmap to financial empowerment.

Group Accountability Calls

Guidance: Stay on course with monthly group calls that offer personalized guidance and support.

Transformation: Experience ongoing transformation as you navigate challenges, celebrate successes, and build lasting connections within our community.

Impact: See the impact of consistent accountability as your financial goals become not just aspirations, but tangible achievements.

Go Beyond Live Coaching

Guidance: Delve deeper into advanced financial topics with our Go Beyond live coaching sessions, providing expert guidance in areas like employee benefits, preparing for market, debt reduction, investing and strategic tax planning.

Transformation: Witness a profound transformation in your financial understanding as you master complex strategies.

Impact: Experience the real-world impact as you apply advanced financial tactics, optimizing profitability and fortifying your business against challenges.

What makes the Financially Fabulous coaching program different from other financial coaching programs?

How long is the coaching program, and what is the time commitment required?

Do I need a finance background to benefit from this program?

Are the tools provided in the program compatible with different business sizes?

The Financially Fabulous program is uniquely tailored for boutique retail and beauty industry entrepreneurs. It combines personalized coaching, industry-specific tools, and a supportive community, making it a comprehensive and practical solution for your business's financial success.

The program is designed to accommodate busy entrepreneurs. You will progress at your own pace, but typically participants dedicate about 3-5 hours per week on managing the financial aspects of their business successfully. The coaching is structured for flexibility, allowing you to balance your business and personal commitments.

Not at all! The program is crafted for entrepreneurs at all levels of financial literacy. Whether you're a finance novice or have some background, our materials are accessible and designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills you need.

Absolutely. The tools, including spreadsheets and the interactive workbook, are adaptable to businesses of various sizes. They are customizable to your specific needs, ensuring relevance whether you're a startup or an established enterprise.

Can I access the coaching program content after the program ends?

What kind of support is available during the program?

Is there a refund policy?

Can I participate if I'm not in the beauty, spa, or retail industry?

Yes, you'll have continued access to the program content after completion. This allows you to revisit materials, access updates, and stay connected with the community.

The Financially Fabulous program offers various support channels. You'll have access to our quarterly Focus Forward Retreat, monthly Accountability Coaching Sessions, Quarterly Go Beyond Coaching, a community coaching circle, and on-demand video support. Our goal is to provide you with the support you need when you need it.

We believe in the effectiveness of our program, but we also understand that it might not be the perfect fit for everyone. Please read our Satisfaction Guarantee Policy for full understanding of our terms and conditions.

One of the ways in which we provide exceptional value is through the wide range of features that we offer. Our team created them to provide every customer with the best possible experience. Explore some of the main features below, and please get in touch to receive additional information.

Have a question not covered here? Feel free to contact us directly!

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