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Are you ready to gain the skills and knowledge that will lead your boutique business to long-term profitability?

Money is the heart to every business, and in order to have money, you must be profitable. It's time to realize your true profit potential.

Boutique Retail Break-Even worksheet by Chrisyne Gray
Boutique Retail Break-Even worksheet by Chrisyne Gray

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Courses to Help You Thrive

by Christyne Gray


Wondering what your retail business is worth?

Introducing Business Valuations
[Coming soon!]

A Business Valuation provides you with multiple facts and figures regarding the mathematical and logical worth of your company - in terms of market competition, income and asset values.  It's valuable in negotiating a sale, a change in partnership or marriage, or even as a tracking of how effective your strategic decision-making has been when the goal is to raise the value of your business for a future exit strategy. 

Your Business Valuation should be completed by an analyst that understands the nuances of the retail industry - brand position, loyalty, revenue and inventory fluctuations, strategic decision-making, efficient and effective systems & operations, and data technology integrity - which contributes to the outcome of an accurate and trustworthy valuation.

Your Retail Business Valuation with Christyne Gray comes with all of the above, plus a one:one consultation and recorded trainings for you to maximize your investment and outcome.

Proud partner of

I have worked with Christyne since 2006 with her team managing all financial aspects of my multi-million dollar business. Christyne listens and offers advise to steer me down the right path. She is a friendly voice that knows my mindset and my business. 


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