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Do you like the idea of partnering with an all-inclusive accounting & advisory team, whom are 100% focused on YOUR profit improvement, and on YOU growing your financial knowledge and confidence?

If're in the right place!

Our Packages

We have curated our Professional Services packages to benefit inventory-based entrepreneurs, providing you the services and resources most needed in the current state of your industry. We are ever-evolving to give you the best strategies and tools we can.

Everything we offer starts within our three Professional Services packages.

We hold ourselves to elite standards, everyone on the She Profits Now team is here to optimize your experience.

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A deep dive into what each package includes...

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We require an application for our Professional Services to ensure that we are the right fit for YOU and that you are enrolling in the package that will benefit you and your retail business the most.

Work Desk
"I love working with Christyne! I remember being a bit freaked out to spend money on this monthly service, but it's given me so much financial peace and clarity."


Our Recommended Tools

Our favorite tools for the boutique owner.

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