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Do you like the idea of partnering with an all-inclusive accounting & advisory team, whom are 100% focused on YOUR profit improvement, and on YOU growing your financial knowledge and confidence?

If're in the right place!

Our Packages

Welcome to financial empowerment, welcome to She Profits Now.

We specialize in delivering a comprehensive suite of professional services tailored to elevate your boutique and beauty business to new heights.

Our Inclusive Services

At She Profits Now, we're not just about numbers; we're about elevating your fashion and beauty business to new heights. 

Our Inclusive Excellence Experience is a powerful suite of services tailored to help you manage, conquer, and thrive in your business financially.

01 / Accounting Excellence

Navigate the financial landscape with confidence. Our expert accountants are here to streamline your financial processes, ensuring accuracy and transparency in every transaction.

Our commitment is to provide you with monthly financial statements and a financial health dashboard, expertly designed in a format that will disclose exactly how your business is doing financially, and how your business compares to your best in class financial metrics.
02 / Sales Tax Preparation and Compliance

Stay ahead of regulatory challenges with our meticulous sales tax preparation and compliance services. We handle the complexities, so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business. 

Our commitment is to file your sales tax reports accurately and on time, with added oversight to make sure you do not over pay (or underpay) your collected sales taxes.  We are committed to reviewing your point of sale for upcoming NEXUS requirements, alerting you, and handling the tasks to keep you compliant.
03 / Income Tax Preparation and Planning

Maximize your returns and minimize your stress. Our seasoned tax professionals craft personalized strategies to optimize your financial standing and plan for a prosperous future.

Our commitment is to take the stress out of tax season by offering you a seamless and convenient tax intake process, which is also designed to maximize your legal deductions.  We are strong in project management, and will work hard at keeping you and our entire team on task for accurate and timely tax return filings.
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Elevate your profits with our Financially Fabulous Coaching Program!


Our Financially Fabulous coaching program goes beyond numbers. We empower high-achieving women in the boutique and beauty industry to not only manage their money but to conquer financial chaos and build a profit-forever company.

Our commitment is to guide you through financial challenges and cultivate enduring success.  We will transcend your numbers, coach you through financial complexities, optimize strategies, and help you pave the way for a profit-centric company that stands the test of time.

Focus Forward Virtual Live Retreats

Monthly Group Accountability Calls

Go Beyond Live Coaching Calls

Our Add-On Services

Inventory Planning

Efficient inventory management is the backbone of retail success. Let us guide you in implementing strategic inventory planning, ensuring your shelves are stocked for debt free and profitable success.

Our commitment to revolutionizing your inventory planning experience, offering a holistic and creative approach that sets us apart in the industry. Our goal is that you will have a comprehensive, yet nimble, inventory plan that seamlessly integrates with your overall financial success strategy, providing a unique edge for your business unlike any other.
Sales Tax NEXUS

As part of our commitment to providing a comprehensive suite of financial solutions, our Sales Tax Nexus Services Add On is designed to navigate the complexities of sales tax compliance in the states you may or have reached NEXUS status.

Our commitment is to stay ahead of regulatory challenges, minimize risks, and ensure your business operates seamlessly in the evolving landscape of sales tax regulations. 

What is your role in our partnership?

Ready to transform your financial future?

Watch our LIVE New Client Experience webinar where we unveil the transformative power of the She Profits Now Inclusive Excellence Experience. 

Let's conquer financial chaos and build a profit-forever company together!

I love working with Christyne! I remember being a bit freaked out to spend money on this monthly service, but it's given me so much financial peace and clarity.


Our Packages

Welcome to financial empowerment, welcome to She Profits Now.

Why we believe our webinar is worth your time:

Our Inclusive Excellence Experience goes beyond traditional professional services; we cultivate a collaborative ecosystem that is wholly focused on empowering you with unique and industry specific financial success strategies.  This ultimately sets She Profits Now apart in the industry. For this reason, our offering cannot be compared to any other - of which we will clearly outline in our webinar.  

Why we have designated open enrollment periods:

At She Profits Now, we prioritize the excellence of our services and the success of each client. Our commitment to delivering the highest level of expertise and personalized attention has led us to implement an open enrollment period. This allows us to carefully manage and expertly onboard a limited number of clients at any given time, ensuring that each business receives the dedicated focus and support it deserves. Our focus is on quality over quantity, empowering our clients with unparalleled financial solutions and building lasting partnerships for sustained success.

Why we do not publish our pricing on our website:

We believe in pricing our services as an investment in your business's success. Our commitment to transparency and value-driven pricing is best explained in our Inclusive Excellence Experience webinar.

Not wanting to wait for our next live webinar?

See you soon!

Our Team

The Faces Behind She Profits Now


Ready to transform your financial future?

Sign up for our next LIVE webinar where we unveil the transformative power of the She Profits Now Inclusive Excellence Experience. 

Let's conquer financial chaos and build a profit-forever company together!


Our Packages

"In business, the power of focus is unrivaled. By eliminating avoidance and embracing the financial intricacies, you transform challenges into opportunities. Your journey to financial empowerment begins with a clear focus, unwavering dedication, and a commitment to conquer the complexities that pave the way to lasting success."

Christyne Gray

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