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Christyne Gray

Owner and CEO of She Profits Now
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At She Profits Now, we stand out as elite financial partners dedicated to your boutique and beauty business's success. 

Our Inclusive Excellence Experience goes beyond traditional financial services, offering a collaborative ecosystem tailored to streamline your financial processes, ensure compliance, and guide you in strategic planning. 

More than a service provider, we are a community, fostering financial focus & elevation, while tackling and celebrating the unique challenges of the fashion retail and beauty sector.

With a commitment to your success, we invite you to join us on a journey where managing your money, conquering financial chaos, and building a profit-forever company become empowering realities.

Why She Profits Now?

Manage your money, conquer chaos, and build a profit-forever company with us.


Elite Status -We stand out in the industry as elite financial partners, offering a collaborative ecosystem of profit-focused solutions. Our mission is to see you thrive, providing the financial backbone for your business success.

Inclusive Approach -She Profits Now is more than a service provider; it's a community. We foster inclusivity, understanding the unique challenges of the retail and beauty sector, and tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Your Success, Our Priority -Join us on a journey where your success is not just a goal but a commitment. At She Profits Now, we are dedicated to helping you build, grow, and sustain a profit-centric company.

Are you ready to transform your financial future -Explore our services, embrace the Financially Fabulous coaching program, and let She Profits Now be your partner in prosperity. 

Our 40/20/40 cash flow management rule offers a strategic and efficient approach to financial management for boutiques and brands. Our process is designed to streamline your finances while still incorporating proven methodologies of Profit First. This new method simplifies the allocation process, ensuring that your income is efficiently distributed to support key areas of your business, including inventory, profit, and operating expenses.


Outsourced Services Not for You? We have you covered! Our Mastering QuickBooks Online Course teaches you how to accurately and efficiently manage your bookkeeping, specific to retail, so that you can rely on your financial statement reporting for healthy business decisions.


Videos From Our Happy Clients


Ready to transform your financial future?

Secure your spot in our live and interactive webinar. Let's conquer financial chaos and build a profit-forever company together!

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Introducing our newly launched...

She Profits Now App

We are so excited to launch our She Profits Now app. Created for the retail business entrepreneur wanting access to a huge video and blog library built to educate and inspire. All of our courses and Christyne's signature program are also held within this app. Download now to unlock your journey to Financial Fabulousness.

Amber S.- Virginia

Christyne, you are always such a  breath of fresh air in the industry, and I'm just so thankful to be able to work with you. You're top notch!

Kelly P.- Minnesota

I said it once and I'll say
it a million times.
Christyne Gray and her team
100/100 recommend them!

Courtney W.- Alabama

Christyne and the She Profits Now team have changed the game for me in making this my full time income. We are about to retire my husband by the end of the year!
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