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Coaching high achieving women, in the boutique retail industry, to manage their money, stop the financial chaos, and build a profit forever company. 

Christyne Gray

Christyne Gray
Owner and CEO of She Profits Now
Strategic Profit Accelerate coaching program



I am so excited to announce the launch of Strategic Profit Accelerate! I built this program to be the ultimate experience for the boutique owner ready to take a big leap in their financial journey.

Click the link below for more information.

Are you ready for your boutique to reach it's full potential?
Yes, I am talking to you.

You want to feel empowered about your finances. You're tired of feeling ashamed that you don't understand what your boutique's numbers are telling you. You want to be able to articulate the financial aspects of your business.

You're tired of depending on an outside source for your decisions, and you're ready for a system you can follow to start making your financial decisions strategically and timely.

It's time to tell your own financial story, and be profitable long-term.

Not sure where to start?

No worries. That's where I come in.

Christyne Gray She Profits Now

Welcome to She Profits Now!
I am so glad you are here!
I'd love to tell you a bit about myself.

Hi, I'm Christyne- your Boutique Specialized Financial Coach


I have been working with high performing retail entrepreneurs since 1997.

I am not your typical accountant! My experience comes from working in the business of my on the ground!
I spent my initial years as an advisory accountant learning how the retail business functions. How the numbers translate to the operational efficiencies and effectiveness...or lack there-of. 

I understand your operations, your technology, your workflows, your systems and processes, your team, your pain points and your passions. I even understand the areas of your business you want to ignore.

Proud partner of

Boutique Hub

Interested in working together?

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She Profits Now Bookkeeping

Amber S.- Virginia

Christyne, you are always such a  breath of fresh air in the industry, and I'm just so thankful to be able to work with you. You're top notch!

Kelly P.- Minnesota

I said it once and I'll say it a million times.
Christyne Gray and her team
100/100 recommend them!

Courtney W.- Alabama

Christyne and the She Profits Now team have changed the game for me in making this my full time income. We are about to retire my husband by the end of the year!
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