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Terms and Conditions for Automatic Payment of Monthly Subscription Fees

Authorization for Automatic Payments

By enrolling in She Profits Now's services, you authorize us to automatically charge your provided payment method for the agreed-upon monthly subscription fees. This authorization remains in effect until you cancel your subscription in accordance with our cancellation policy.

Monthly Subscription Fees

Subscription fees are due on the same date each month and will be automatically charged to the payment method on file. The amount will be clearly communicated to you before each billing cycle.

Notification of Payment

In the event of a payment failure, we will send you a notification via email, informing you of the unsuccessful transaction. We understand that occasional issues may arise, and we encourage you to update your payment information promptly.

In the event of returned or unfunded monthly recurring fees, She Profits Now will be charged a Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Fee. This fee is necessary to cover the administrative costs associated with processing and managing returned payments. Clients will be notified promptly of any NSF Fee, and we encourage timely resolution to ensure the uninterrupted provision of our services. 

Opportunity to Rectify

You will have a grace period of seven (7) days from the date of the failed payment to rectify the issue by updating your payment information or resolving any billing-related concerns.

Additional Notices

If the issue persists after the grace period, you will receive additional notices to the email address on file, reminding you to address the outstanding payment. We are committed to providing clear communication to avoid any disruption in services.

Suspension of Services

If the outstanding payment remains unresolved after the grace period and additional notices, She Profits Now reserves the right to suspend access to inclusive programs and services until the payment is settled. During this suspension, you will not have access to the Financially Fabulous Coaching Program and other inclusive services.

Reactivation of Services

Upon resolution of the outstanding payment, access to inclusive programs and services will be promptly reinstated. Please note that any suspension period will also extend the original subscription term, and services will resume based on the concurrent billing cycles necessary to keep our service responsibilities up to date and compliant.

Inactive Access to Inclusive Programs

In the case of an unpaid balance that is not rectified within a reasonable timeframe, access to inclusive programs, including the Financially Fabulous Coaching Program, will be made inactive. This means you will no longer have access to program materials, community features, and other associated benefits until the outstanding balance is settled.  As a result, you will resume responsibility for compliance reporting to your state and federal accounts.

Dispute Resolution

If you believe a payment discrepancy has occurred, please contact our customer support team within fourteen (14) days of the disputed transaction. We are committed to resolving issues promptly and fairly.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel your subscription and prevent future automatic payments, you must follow our cancellation policy outlined in our terms and conditions.

By enrolling in our services, you acknowledge and agree to these terms and conditions for automatic payment. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted experience with She Profits Now.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these terms, please contact/campfire your client concierge using our She Profits Now client project management software.

Thank you for choosing She Profits Now.

Christyne Gray and the She Profits Now Team
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