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Client Dispute 

In the event of any dispute arising out of or relating to this agreement, She Profits Now and the client agree to make good faith efforts to resolve the matter amicably through direct communication and negotiation. Both parties commit to promptly engaging in discussions to understand each other's perspectives, identify the underlying concerns, and work collaboratively towards finding a mutually satisfactory resolution.

Should a dispute arise, the parties agree to first escalate the matter to designated representatives on each side who have the authority to negotiate and make decisions. These representatives will strive to reach a resolution within a reasonable timeframe.

It is the express intention of both parties to maintain a positive and constructive working relationship. The goal is to avoid formal legal processes and costs by finding common ground through open communication, compromise, and a commitment to understanding each other's needs and concerns.

This dispute resolution process does not preclude either party from seeking legal advice or pursuing formal legal remedies if a resolution cannot be achieved through direct negotiation. However, both parties acknowledge that a cooperative and understanding approach is in the best interest of preserving a positive business relationship.

This dispute resolution clause is intended to promote a spirit of collaboration and goodwill between She Profits Now and the client, fostering a commitment to resolving issues through respectful communication and mutual understanding.

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