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About Our Leadership Team


Christyne Gray

Founder, Visionary, Financially Fabulous Coach

Embark on a transformative journey with Christyne Gray, the visionary Founder of She Profits Now. Beyond her role as the driving force behind our mission, Christyne is a multifaceted leader, orchestrating financial empowerment with precision and passion.

In addition to her founding role, Christyne spearheads the unique Financially Fashionable Coaching Program. This program transcends conventional services, offering high-achieving women in the boutique and beauty industry a holistic approach to managing their money, conquering financial chaos, and building a profit-forever company.

Christyne's strategic acumen also comes to the forefront when it comes to your personalized tax strategies.  Your opportunity for financial excellence is carried out in her commitment to excellence as she strategically turns income tax compliance into a strategic advantage through tax strategy planning engagements.

Simultaneously, Christyne applies her visionary mindset to optimizing your inventory planning strategies. Beyond merely stocking shelves, she ensures your inventory aligns seamlessly with your business objectives, creating a streamlined and profit-centric approach.

Christyne Gray's commitment to excellence, coupled with her holistic vision, makes She Profits Now a beacon of elite services. 

Join us in this transformative journey, where the Financially Fashionable Coaching Program, tax strategy planning, and inventory planning optimization converge to empower your business towards sustained profitability. Welcome to a realm where financial empowerment is not just a service but a comprehensive experience tailored for your success.


Savannah Gray

Client Concierge and
Accounting & Sales Tax
Division Manager

Step into the world of financial finesse led by Savannah Gray, our seasoned Accounting & Sales Tax Division Manager and dedicated Client Concierge. Savannah is not just a manager; she's your go-to partner for navigating the intricate landscape of retail financial management.

In the realm of accounting, Savannah possesses in-depth knowledge of retail point-of-sale technology and the nuanced financial intricacies that come with it. Her expertise extends beyond traditional accounting, as she understands how money flows through a retail business. This knowledge is the cornerstone of accurate and management-based financial statement reporting, ensuring that your financial insights are not just numbers but strategic tools for success.

But that's not all - Savannah's expertise seamlessly extends to sales tax division management. She meticulously manages the complexities of sales tax preparation and compliance, ensuring that your business stays ahead of regulatory challenges. 

Moreover, Savannah is not just a manager; she's your Client Concierge, providing care, efficiency, and timeliness in communication. Her commitment to client collaboration goes beyond the ordinary, offering guidance and support to our entire client portfolio. 

Welcome to a world where your financial management is not just a task but an art form, where your client experience is paramount, and where Savannah Gray is your dedicated partner in achieving retail financial excellence at She Profits Now.

Step into the dynamic world of financial precision guided by Samantha Donovan, our adept Tax and Inventory Division Project Manager. Samantha is the maestro orchestrating complex projects within the tax and inventory spheres, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients.

As the Tax Division Project Manager, Samantha dives deep into the intricacies of tax preparation and planning. Her focus on project complexities ensures that every detail is meticulously handled, optimizing your financial strategy for maximum benefit. Efficiency and accuracy are Samantha's watchwords, providing a foundation for a client experience that is not only smooth but exceeds expectations.

Simultaneously, as the Inventory Division Project Manager, Samantha is at the forefront of crafting streamlined solutions for efficient inventory planning. Her keen understanding of project management intricacies shines as she navigates inventory planning & management complexities, optimizing the inventory processes for your business, strategically aligned with your business goals.

In every project Samantha manages, the client experience is paramount. Her dedication to precision, efficiency, and effective team collaboration makes her an integral part of your journey to financial success. 

Welcome to a world where projects are executed with excellence, client satisfaction is prioritized, and financial success is a well-crafted reality – welcome to the Samantha Donovan experience at She Profits Now.

Samantha Donovan

Tax and Inventory Division Project Manager
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