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For the Million Dollar Mindset Entrepreneur, who is ready to profit and scale their current business, add additional revenue streams, and optimize financial performance as an exit strategy or to attract investors - all while upleveling themselves and their C-Level staff to adapt high performing financial managment and leadership skills, systems and processes.

Private Coaching Sessions

Quick Chat Check-Ins

Advanced Workbook Crafted Specifically for the Elite Retailer

Progressive On-Demand Coaching Videos

Are you ready to put your million dollar entrepreneur mindset into action?

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What does this program include?


Customized Coaching & Advisory Schedule

This is the only program I offer that includes 1:1 coaching sessions and private check-ins.


Customized Key Performance Metrics Optimization Plan

I will conduct a point of sale and accounting system analysis that will leave you with a strong enhancement plan and transparent reporting. Along with advanced training on understanding and improving your financial statements. We will also work through an optimization action plan for your financial, sales, and inventory metrics.


Customized Investor/Exit Strategy

I will conduct a full business valuation on your retail business that will provide you with a future earnings projection, a tracking system of sellers discretionary earnings, and a full guidebook on how to optimize a business valuation and negotiations.


Customized Tax Planning & Reduction Strategy

We will review your prior year tax returns for missed opportunities, and I will provide a comprehensive guide on niche specific tax saving strategies.


Customized Financial GPS System

We will work through logical and realistic revenue mapping, your inventory plan & open to buy, and completely catered to debt reduction plan and a Profit First cash flow management system.


Customized Financial Related Standard Control Procedures

I will guide you towards retail specific internal control framework.


Customized Open Book Management Plan, Benefit Package, & Incentive Plan

We will design an open book management plan, employee benefit package, and an employee incentive package that is ready to implement.


Customized Alternate Income Streams Strategy

We will go through the start up planing required to consider the addition of alternate income along with the decision. making for a legal entity structure.

Ready to join me?

We will be in contact soon!

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